1. The Complaints Procedure describes how to approach defective goods. Goods are defective if they are not delivered in the agreed quantity, quality and design. Filling of other goods is also considered a defect.
  2. The Buyer's right right from the defective performance is based on a defect that goods do not possess when passing risk of damage to the Buyer, even if it becoms apparent later. The Buyer's right shall also be established by a later defect that the Seller caused by a breach of its obligations.
  3. The risk of damage passes from the Seller to Buyer upon receipt of the goods. The same effect shall result if the Buyer does not take over the goods, although the seller has allowed him to dispose of it.
  4. The Buyer can send claimed goods to the address: STARLIFE s.r.o., Masarykova 1577, 252 19 Rudná, Czech Republic. The claimed goods should be carefully secured to prevent further damage during transport, the package should be visibly marked as "COMPLAINTS" and contain: the claimed goods, copy of the purchace document, a detailed description of the defect and contact information of the Buyer. Without the foregoing, it is impossible to identify the origin and defect of the goods.

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