Healthy lifestyle – Relax

Relaxation, constantly good mood… or stress?
Even though stress is clearly winning nowadays, we can fight it!

It's best to avoid stressful situations

Even if you can't avoid stress nowadays, it is important not to give up and defend yourself: change your bad habits and stereotypes of thinking, your attitude (see a glass half-full and not half-empty), to adhere to the diet, be an optimist, learn to breathe properly, rest enough, sleep, have hobbies, friends, find something to yourself to keep calm, whether it's yoga, massage or walk in nature. Of course we can take advantage of the beneficial effects of food supplements on our psyche and resistance to stress.

Stress is an integral part of our lives. It's hard to get rid of it and avoid it, because it has many faces. Modern man lives in constant stress, not only emotional, but also chemical, oxidative or genotoxic. These are unpredictable and undesirable side effects of the civilization development. Untreated stress is dangerous, because it interferes with the body's detoxification factors, blocking the natural filtration mechanisms, increases the throughput of the intestines and takes away our taste for life. Long-term stress is the first step to ulcers, high pressure, neurosis and other diseases. There are health problems, such as reduced concentration and stamina, stomach problems, increased blood pressure, declining interest in sex and age comes earlier. Stress cues also receptors located in the tissues of the skin, the muscles and tendons, pain in neck, "pins and needles" in hands.

A proven way to deal with stress, is a change of lifestyle:
an appropriate diet and physical activity.

The lack of nutrients brings stress to the organism itself, in addition, the more stress, the more we will weaken the organism's response to the supplied food. The diet should contain vitamins, minerals, proteins and unsaturated fatty acids that improve mood. In stressful situations you must choose walk instead of alcohol or chemical stimulants, short exercises and STARLIFE products

Let us not forget to sleep.
Nature has set aside some 25 years to sleep from the whole length of our life.
Surely this had serious reasons. Many of us underestimate the importance of sleep for good health. Some believe that it is a waste of time, because the day has only 24 hours, and promise themself to compensate another sleepless night some day. Our body not only needs food and oxygen for healthy functioning, but also sufficiently long sleep. Sleep is for organism relaxation. During sleep the brain rests, released with the muscles and the hormonal system secretes substances that regenerate cells. After a long enough rest period we lose fatigue, painful muscle tightness and bad mood disappear.

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