Healthy lifestyle - ACTIVITY

Yes, physical activity is inseparable part of a healthy lifestyle. However, you don't have to be a professional athlete, or spend hours in the gym or impressing, it's enough to find a short moment at every day for simple activities - walk to and from work, go for a walk in nature in the evening before bedtime, not riding an elevator… there's an activity for everyone if you really want to :-)

The human body was designed to move

Ancient Greek philosopher Aristotle instilled in his pupils: "Nothing destroys our health as physical inactivity".

The fact that physical activity helps to improve our physical and mental state does not need anymore convincing anyone.

Most physical exertion, however, was overtaken from people by machines, feet have been replaced by pedals in a car, and most of us lead sedentary lives.

We are people depending on seating. Long hours spent in one position lead to the fact that the skeleton and muscles weaken, loose support, pelvis loses stability and spine contorts.

As a result of physical inactivity we suffer from physical disorders, restrictions on freedom of movement, problems with concentration and inability to relax stress. Sitting for hours in a closed room since the sixth year of life causes the organism lacking oxygen and consumption of any diet causes it is also malnourished. Despite an increasingly popular form of active rest, these activities continue to lose to the time that we spend in front of TV and computer. Therefore, in the rush of daily duties and tasks, it is very important for us to have a minimum time allotted for a walk or exercise. Systematic, moderate physical exertion increases performance, strength and muscle mass. It positively affects the appearance of the characters, the cardiovascular system, metabolism, detoxication, and relieves physical and mental stress.

Active rest increases range of motion of joints, forms their surface and protects them against wear.

Physical exercise affects maintaining of correct posture, practices balance and movement coordination, stimulates the immune system and cures civilisation diseases.

Thanks to the active lifestyle we not only prevent diseases, but also cure them.

Do not believe claims that when your joints are sick, your body should not be stressed and doesn't need to perform any activity. Disease, apart from injury, is disturbed state of homeostasis, of which never suffer only single body organ. Degenerative musculoskeletal diseases occur along with other diseases, eg. obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. Their cause is not only lack of exercise or burdening of joints, but also diet and lack of care about the internal body hygiene, ie regular cleansing of the body. Intestinal toxins migrate to the small and large joints of the limbs and spine, thus causing their gradual destruction. The joints are subject to wear, get swollen, painful, and thus restrict freedom of movement.

When we feel fine and healthy, life is much more enjoyable.

If you are not accustomed to physical activity, start with exercises slowly.

Depending on how it will improve your physical condition and health status, you will automatically grow energy and you will want to practice more.

Choose a form of activity that is enjoyable for you and is in range of motion range. If you are a physically active person, competitively or recreationally exercising or doing heavy physical work and exposing their joints to high loads and micro-injuries, preventively strengthen the musculoskeletal system with dietary supplements.

Gold principle of healthy exercise: Home exercise three times a week for 30 minutes in a pace of 130 heart beats per minute.

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